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    Sunday, September 20, 2009
    Just Another Week In The Office….

    And what an office it is!
    Fishing has been great so I thought I’d share a few pics….
    The pinks are here!
    April Vokey photo.
    Pink Day 5
    Tom on the Fraser (Jeff Reed photo)
    jeff reed
    Jeff releasing a beauty (April Vokey photo).
    Fish Jump
    At the lake (Jeff Reed photo).
    jeff reed 5
    Jeff Reed photo
    Big Bow 3 (1)
    Mr. Jeffrey from Montana himself  (Tom Jull photo).
    Marianne 091609
    Marianne with her first ever fly caught fish (Lorie Drummond photo).
    Leath Strench photo
    Leath’s first day ever fly-fishing!  She rocked it!  (April Vokey photo)
    Relaxing at the lake with not another single soul around to bug us.
    P1030810 (1)
    She was on a roll!
    Shelley and her first fly caught salmon (April Vokey photo)
    While writing this blog, the cackling of half-drunk ladies from the other room keep me chuckling….We’re at the Fraser River’s Edge B&B where we had an extremely successful day on the water at our Women’s Weekend Retreat.
    Stay tuned for the full story and accompanying photos!
    See you on the water!
    Posted by April Vokey on September 20, 2009

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