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Rhea Feathers – Fly Tying


We were tired of over-priced, half-decent rhea feathers quickly becoming the “set norm” within the fishing and craft industries… that’s why we went to Argentina to source out our own, so we could bring quality feathers back to you at a great price!

Our grade “A” quality rhea feathers are made up of fibres between 3-5 inches in length. These feathers are ideal for tying modern steelhead streamers and other various patterns (including the popular Intruder series of flies).

We suggest using rhea rather than ostrich, as rhea is more durable and holds colour better (ultimately extending the life of your fly). Rhea fibres are a thinner diameter than most other materials used for length, thus allowing additional room for more strands to be tied in.

In summary, these feathers result in long-lasting flies with dramatically undulating action.

Cut & stacked, or peel & wrap over a supporting collar/dubbing ball to create large profiles with minimal bulk, and give a flowing appearance to flies that are stripped or swung.

Check out April’s video here for a few quick tips on how to properly use Rhea!

Note, colours may vary from batch to batch.  All prices in Canadian dollars.

*More colours are currently being restocked and will be updated by April 1st at the latest.

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Black, Chartreuse, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Teal, Dew Worm Pink, Electric Blue, Fl. Pink, Golden Olive, Insect Green, Kingfisher Blue, Light Blue, Magenta (Pink), Olive, Orange, Peach, Purple, Red, Shrimp Pink, Silver Dr Blue, Spearmint, Watermelon Pink, White, Yellow

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